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Dinner for One: Southwestern Style Shrimp & Rice

Dinner for One: Southwestern Style Shrimp & Rice

As a single, cooking dinner for one gives me the freedom to experiment a little. Sometimes it’s just sheer laziness. I want to cook healthy but make it quick. Tonight’s dinner was just that. Healthy, quick, and under 600 calories! My concoction resulted in a yummy Mexican dish. Easy!


6 oz. of frozen shrimp
1 Can of Green Giant Southwestern Style Corn
3/4 Cup of Birds Eye Steamed Brown Rice
Fajita or taco seasoning (to taste)
Lime juice
Optional: diced jalapeño


Thaw frozen shrimp in water
Thaw frozen brown rice in microwave.
Once thawed, add shrimp, rice, can of southwestern corn, spices & lime juice into the skillet.
Allow to simmer until juice/liquid is gone.

If you’re following Weight Watchers, this was a total of 12 PointsPlus. This was a lot of food. Big, satisfying dinner without the guilt. Yay!





Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Training Begins…NOW!

Today officially marks the first day of spring race training season!

Running the course of the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in 2011.

The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler is only 10 weeks away- Sunday, April 1st in Washington, DC.

This is a very popular race in DC – and for good reason! It’s an absolutely gorgeous run through National Parks in the heart of DC, starting at the Washington Monument, crossing the Memorial Bridge, Independence Ave, passing by the famous Cherry Blossoms near the Tidal Basin, behind the Jefferson Memorial and looping around East Potomac Park (course map). It’s so popular that runners have to enter a lottery just to ‘win’ an entry spot to participate. I have no idea how many enter the lottery, but they only select about 10,000 runners. I’ve been extremely fortunate to get picked two years in a row.

I signed up for the New Balance virtual training plan offered by the race organizers. They send a daily/weekly plan of the miles are you supposed to run. It was a little bit of a shock when I got my first e-mail today and it says to run 4-6 miles Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday,
5-7 miles on Thursday, 5-7 on Saturday and 8-12 on Sunday. Um, what?! No!! Whew- they accidentally sent me the ‘ADVANCED’ training plan. I quickly switched to intermediate.

The intermediate is much more do-able on my level. This week the plan is to run 2-4 miles on Monday, 3-5 miles on Tuesday, 2-4 miles on Thursday and Saturday, and 4-7 miles on Sunday.

I’ve been lacking some motivation when it comes to running lately. The winter blues are zapping my energy. I’m hoping this is just the boost I need to get going because my goal is knock off at least 10 minutes from last year’s time of 2:00. Doing 10 miles in 2 hours is an average of a 12-minute mile, which is slower than my recent pace (between 11-11:30-minute miles). Last year, I was still ailing from injuries from running the Disney Marathon, so it was quite a challenge to do 10 miles. I feel like I’m going to be much more prepared for this year’s Cherry Blossom race and my goal is very well within my reach.

Ready to hit the treadmill tonight for my first Cherry Blossom training run! Gotta keep running!


Sodium-you’re EVIL!

I’m blaming it on the sodium.

It has to be the sodium.

One cannot faithfully count Weight Watchers PointsPlus, run 10.5 miles, do the elliptical for 40 minutes, clean the house for several hours, dance a little Zumba, walk the dog several days up until weigh-in day and then expect to gain 2.2 lbs within a week.

I mean could have been the bottle of wine over the weekend, but that was NOT enough to deter the whole week.

Heck, I didn’t gain 2 lbs over Christmas, New Years, and my trip to Miami combined!

So, I’m blaming it on the sodium-the sodium-laden soups especially. It could have very well been the spicy black bean soup I made the day before weigh in. It could have been the chili I made and ate over the weekend.

This time of year, I do love my soups, and if it’s the canned version, the amount of sodium in those puppies will absolutely shock you. Each can has at least 1000mg of sodium (The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2300mg). I make a lot of my soups, but if you don’t rinse the beans, you risk a lot more sodium. The sodium makes you retain water weight and that shows up on the scale. *sigh*

I’m also quite fond of popcorn. More than fond. It’s bit of an addiction. (Some of my coworkers call me ‘popcorn girl’) It’s my go-to un-guilty snack. Whether it be 94% Fat Free microwaved popcorn, or the air-popped kind, I love it and I ate a lot of it over the weekend. Again. Salt. Sodium.

So when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday evening and she told me I’d gone up 2.2 lbs, I was in shock. ‘Are you sure that’s right?” I asked, in disbelief. I cannot explain how upset and defeated I felt. I had to tell myself to not cry. I had worked so hard the entire week for nothing. I wanted to leave the meeting right away and go treat myself to Subway.

I stayed for the meeting and gradually felt better, but not completely. I went home and had a Lean Cuisine pizza and a little bit of chocolate….and popcorn.

But I continued tracking my WW points. I went to the gym. I’m still on track. The goal this week is less sodium and more water. I’m betting that 2.2 will come right back off and then some next week.

Yes, I’m still a little bummed but that will go away in time. I am really focused on losing 15-20 lbs by May (at least). I know I can do this. I am focused!

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Heading Into Battle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for avoiding the gym.

No, it’s not because I feel extremely lazy and all I really want to do is cook some spicy black bean soup and read my Kindle while cuddled under a warm blanket in the early dark frigid evenings of January. It’s because of all those bright, new shiny faces!

You know who you are (you may be one of them!). You are the ones that start your gym membership in January, fresh on the heels of your weight-loss resolution. Brand new workout clothes, shoes, and all the motivation in the world. I do not fault all of these people trying to get back on track and get healthy. I’m thrilled to see new people at the gym….I’m just not thrilled that you took all the treadmills and I got stuck on the elliptical instead.

Going to the gym in January is like heading into battle. One cannot just walk in and start exercising. A strategy, a plan must be made. You have to be ready to grab that first piece of workout equipment as soon as it’s available.

You have to plan for extra time searching for a parking spot. You really should have your bottle of water already filled up, iPod and/or Kindle already in hand, and have your coat/jacket off and ready to hang on the rack (or even better, don’t even bother wearing a jacket. The quicker you have to walk from your car, the more calories burned, right?) You must hurry to the treadmills before someone jumps on the very last one before you!

I am all psyched and ready to go for a run. I spot the last treadmill and make a dash for it….an open treadmill! ‘I made it just in time,’ I think. ‘Yes!’ Then just like that, all of the adrenaline is zapped as I am left staring at an open treadmill with an ‘Out of Service’ sign posted to the front. Bummer.

Such was my luck last night. Elliptical it is. At least I can read my Kindle while working out. That’s the positive. That, and 35 minutes of high-impact cardio cross training. It counts!

Tonight I must follow the advised plan and enter the battle grounds which are the YMCA in January. I will get a treadmill! I will. I must. I must run 3 miles!

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Keep Running Fatty!

The other day someone on Twitter said to me: ‘keep running fatty’.  At first I was shocked and upset. “I’m not a fatty!” I thought. Well, ok, maybe a little bit of a fatty. But then I convinced myself, I could be a Size 6, not a size 12/14, and someone would still call me a fatty and try to ruin my day.

I’m not letting it ruin my day…it has inspired me to write…and to keep running.

There is one fact that I can’t deny. I’m not a typical runner. Up until about a year ago I probably would not have classified myself as a ‘runner’. Runners are skinny, lean, and fast…not 190 lbs and chubby.

But this 190-lb ‘fatty’ finished the Disney Marathon almost exactly a year ago. January 9, 2011 was a day that changed my life forever. This ‘fatty’ ran 358 miles in 2011 (via my DailyMile stats). 358 miles?!  Wow – ya, that may classify me as a runner.

I ran the Disney Marathon, Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, Yuengling Shamrock 8K, Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, Spirit & Breath 5K, Merrell Down & Dirty 5K Mud Run, King George Fall Festival 5K, Richmond HCA 8K, Uniontown Turkey Trot 5K, and the Christmas Town Dash 8K in 2011.

However, I have admittedly slacked off in mileage and have gained 10 lbs over the past year. I was injured for several months after the marathon and had to rest and recover. I never quite got back on track.

I’m not making any more excuses. It’s time to up the mileage, shed some pounds and get faster.

So it’s time to lose some weight and keep running, like a fatty should.