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Sodium-you’re EVIL!

on January 19, 2012

I’m blaming it on the sodium.

It has to be the sodium.

One cannot faithfully count Weight Watchers PointsPlus, run 10.5 miles, do the elliptical for 40 minutes, clean the house for several hours, dance a little Zumba, walk the dog several days up until weigh-in day and then expect to gain 2.2 lbs within a week.

I mean could have been the bottle of wine over the weekend, but that was NOT enough to deter the whole week.

Heck, I didn’t gain 2 lbs over Christmas, New Years, and my trip to Miami combined!

So, I’m blaming it on the sodium-the sodium-laden soups especially. It could have very well been the spicy black bean soup I made the day before weigh in. It could have been the chili I made and ate over the weekend.

This time of year, I do love my soups, and if it’s the canned version, the amount of sodium in those puppies will absolutely shock you. Each can has at least 1000mg of sodium (The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2300mg). I make a lot of my soups, but if you don’t rinse the beans, you risk a lot more sodium. The sodium makes you retain water weight and that shows up on the scale. *sigh*

I’m also quite fond of popcorn. More than fond. It’s bit of an addiction. (Some of my coworkers call me ‘popcorn girl’) It’s my go-to un-guilty snack. Whether it be 94% Fat Free microwaved popcorn, or the air-popped kind, I love it and I ate a lot of it over the weekend. Again. Salt. Sodium.

So when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday evening and she told me I’d gone up 2.2 lbs, I was in shock. ‘Are you sure that’s right?” I asked, in disbelief. I cannot explain how upset and defeated I felt. I had to tell myself to not cry. I had worked so hard the entire week for nothing. I wanted to leave the meeting right away and go treat myself to Subway.

I stayed for the meeting and gradually felt better, but not completely. I went home and had a Lean Cuisine pizza and a little bit of chocolate….and popcorn.

But I continued tracking my WW points. I went to the gym. I’m still on track. The goal this week is less sodium and more water. I’m betting that 2.2 will come right back off and then some next week.

Yes, I’m still a little bummed but that will go away in time. I am really focused on losing 15-20 lbs by May (at least). I know I can do this. I am focused!

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