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This is Why I Run

My Medal Collection

I have a confession: I’m an addict. I get a rush at the possibility of fueling my addiction. I am never quite satisfied. I want more. I cannot possibly have enough!!

But please don’t worry about me. It’s not a bad addition…in fact, I’d say it was quite a healthy addiction to have-an addiction that keeps this fatty running! You see, I’m a medal addict.

To date, I’ve got 15 medals. (2 are not pictured). Just about every sizable race these days hands out a medal at the finish line-a true symbol of each race experience. Each medal is certainly unique and that is what makes it a really neat collector’s item. It’s not uncommon for me to gravitate towards the races that offer medals.

The glowing gold Mickey Mouse, the glittery sand dollar, the flowery cherry blossoms, my Down & Dirty dog tag, my collection of shamrocks and disguised bottle openers are all unique and very special to me. They represent all the hard work, the grueling miles I’ve put on the pavement and treadmill, the sweat, the pain, the shedding of pounds, gaining of strength and all the progress I’ve made in the past few years.  I love each of them.

This weekend I ran the Virginia is for Lovers 14K in Virginia Beach (that’s 8.69 miles). Why did I decide to be a bit ambitious and sign up for this longer distance race? The medal. Such a beautiful and unique medal (and it’s a bottle opener!!) The race itself was a great experience. I really underestimated my stamina this early in the year and ran the entire way in a total of 1 hour, 38 minutes an d 19 seconds (a decent pace for me!). It was 48 degrees, dry, flat course and the swag for this race couldn’t be beat! A very nice black water resistant running jacket, a goblet, and a carnation…and of course the best prize of all…the beautiful Virginia is for Lovers medal!

I’m starting the 4th week of my training for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler and the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon (MCHH). I just signed up for the Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach on St. Patrick’s Day. Those are 3 more medals I am working very hard for. I can’t wait to improve my time and get faster and get those medals. I want more.

I’ve ran a total of 45.41 miles in the past 3 weeks. I am set to run an additional 19-22 miles this week. I’m starting to really feel confident again. I’m improving and the shorter runs are getting much easier.  I’m getting stronger and although I feel healthier, I’m sure in the coming weeks I’ll be able to really feel a change in my body as I shed some inches from running (it doesn’t always equal pounds unfortunately).

I want to get faster, stronger, and collect those medals as my reward. I want more!

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