Keep Running Fatty!

You better believe I'm gonna keep running!

Mercury in Retrograde

In the past few days several odd things have happened that aren’t in the norm. Is it just coincidence or is there really something to this mercury in retrograde stuff?

  • While laying in the hammock at our beach house, I felt something rip behind my head and slowly the ropes start tearing away and I’m caught in a hammock spider web. Hammock destroyed.
  • Went to Starbucks to get giant iced coffee. Proceeded to spill half of it before consumption.
  • Got a drink to go after lunch the other day. Somehow managed to puncture the straw through the Styrofoam cup. The entire drink was inside my drink holder in my car.

Those are just some highlights. Little annoyances and frustrations in usually easy things. I’m never usually this much of a klutz. I’m convinced this retrograde stuff isn’t just in my head! Anyone else experiencing this?

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I need somewhere to start posting some thoughts again. Although I’m not running any these days, I still think the blog name is appropriate. As long as I keep living, it seems weight will always be a struggle for me.

Although I just spent a week at the beach, I’m struggling with a strong bout of depression. Now that I’m back, I need to focus on healthy choices and get back on track. A higher weight probably has a direct correlation with my low self esteem and depression, among other things.

So, my first entry in a very long time. I’m still a fatty. Maybe I always will be, but I’ll keep trying.

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